Why Vegetarian?

Why vegetarian? In my experience, some variation of this question is one of the most frequently asked questions when I tell people that I follow a vegetarian diet. These are my personal reasons for becoming vegetarian:

Why I Decided to Go Vegetarian

Becoming vegetarian did not happen for night. I know that some people have this experience, but certainly not me. It took several attempts. was a vegetarian for almost a year and half, then quit once again.

This was mostly due to a bout of depression and feeling like nothing I did made any difference. After overcoming this difficult time, I was ready to go vegetarian once again

Now, I'm gradually becoming vegetarian again. In fact, I no longer eat any kind of meat, not even fish.

At the moment I'm not as good as I nee to be about reading labels to look for hidden animal products. However, I am working on this. Eventually, I plan to become vegan, which means I would no longer consume milk or eggs.

Personal Benefits of Being Vegetarian

There are many reasons why vegetarian diets are beneficial. I do not have scientific evidence to back up any of this. These are simply personal observations that I have made since I stopped consuming meat.

For one thing, I've noticed that I have more energy now that I no longer consume animals. This may be because it takes more energy to digest meats and other animal products than it does to digest plants. I've heard that this benefit gets even better after going vegan, but I have no personal experience with this.

Another aspect of being vegetarian that seems positive, is that I tend to eat more healthfully. I haven't had much fast food, mostly because meat is a central item at most establishments. Also, many of the options for vegetarians are not exactly nutritious and can be made much more cheaply at home.

While this list of vegetarian fast food options comes in handy from time to time, I avoid this situation by stocking my car with nuts and dried fruits. By making an effort to keep healthy, vegetarian snacks on hand, I'm able to avoid overspending and overeating at fast food establishments.

Sometimes being a vegetarian can save money. This is not always true. For example, sometimes at restaurants they will knock a few dollars off the bill if you do not get meat in your salad.

However, meat substitutes, especially brand names that mimic products like hot dogs and burgers, can be pretty costly. On the other hand, foods like beans and tofu are inexpensive.

Lastly, it feels good to know that I am doing what I can to help the environment and to support human treatment of animals. Living a vegetarian lifestyle can be quite challenging at times, but remembering the big picture of why vegetarian living is right for me is a powerful motivator to keep going.

Closing Comments

Doing what I an to help the environment and to treat animals with love is the main reason why vegetarian living has been worthwhile for me. I love trying new things, which is part of why I decided to try to become vegetarian in the first place. I'm not perfect, not by a long shot. However, I do what I can and that is all I ask of others.

Now, I'm asked some variation of the question: why vegetarian? I have a solid answer. Basically, it is that I'm doing what I can to support treating animals well and I also enjoy the many health benefits.

It also helps to know that not everyone will understand it. This is okay. Yet, I'm always happy to share information with others and tell them why vegetarian living works well for me.

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