Vegetarian Pasta: General Tips

Use these guidelines when preparing vegetarian pasta recipes to make cooking even easier.

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How to Know When It's Done

Boil a package of noodles until tender or al dente. Any variety of pasta will do. In order to see if the pasta is finished, throw a piece of pasta against the wall and see if it sticks.

If it does, then it's ready. If not, cook the pasta for a few more minutes and try again until it does stick.

I used to roll my eyes when people suggested this method, but then I tried it myself and saw how effective it can be to tell if the pasta is ready.

It sure beats tasting noodles periodically to see if they are tender enough for consumption.

No Oil Necessary to Prevent Sticking

Some say that adding a little olive oil to the pot of water prevents the noodles from sticking together while cooking. From what I've seen on the Food Network, this isn't all that effective.

Simply using a larger pot filled with plenty of water is usually enough to prevent this from happening. However, if you swear by adding oil, it won't hurt anything so go ahead.

Use Whole Wheat Pasta

For more nutritious pasta, consider using whole wheat varieties. With sauce and toppings, I've hardly noticed a difference and sometimes it is even more flavorful.

However, vegetarian pasta recipes made with whole wheat pasta, as opposed to regular pasta, will still have about the same amount of calories as regular pasta. It will just have more nutritional value.

Add Protein

Make any vegetarian pasta recipe "meaty," by using soy crumbles or ground beef style meat substitutes.

Add seasoning to meat substitute after cooking to enhance flavor.

Experiment with other meat substitutes, such as "chicken" strips, vegetarian versions of sausage or even tofu.

You can also use a variety of other vegetarian protein sources , such as beans or cheese, to add protein to any pasta dish.

Cook Pasta in Bulk

Pasta is easy to store and keeps fairly well in plastic containers in the refrigerator.

Leftovers mean easier vegetarian dinners later on and can even make filling lunches or breakfasts.

Hopefully, these tips for preparing pasta will help make meal times easier.

If you have any questions about preparation that are not addressed here, please feel free to ask!

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