Vegetarian Fast Food

At some point you may find yourself trying to find vegetarian fast food options. Believe it or not, many major fast food chains have options for vegetarians, besides fries.

Just know that any time you eat at a restaurant there is a chance that it will not be completely vegetarian, especially if you are eating at a fast food place.


The baked potato with sour cream and chives and Mandarin orange fruit cup are probably the most healthy vegetarian fast food options here.

Both side salads here are pretty good.They also have some new salads, including the Chicken Apple Peacan Salad, but I'm not sure if it can be ordered without the chicken.


The fruit and walnut salad is pretty good, as is the fruit parfait.Most salads can be ordered without chicken. They will usually even take a dollar or so off of the price.

The last time I went to McDnalds, I was happy to see that they now have McFlurries offered in a smaller size than before, making them a nice addition to any vegetarian fast food meal.

They also have fruit smoothies now, which can be made without the low-fat yogurt if you ask.

Taco Bell

Bean burrito, order it Fresco style for no cheese and fewer calories. Fiesta cheese potatoes are also a pretty good vegetarian fast food option. Just remember that the cheese is not the best quality.

There are also crispy potato soft tacos, which are basically just tacos filled with same potatoes used for the fiesta cheese potatoes. You can also ask them to prepare a taco with beans, instead of beef or chicken.

However, I don't recommend doing this if you are in a rush because it will likely create some confusion, as this is not a typical request.

They also have mini quesadillas and cheese roll-ups, so you can enjoy a taste of a quesadilla without all of the calories or for a snack.

Burger King

They make great veggie burgers here, but they do not guarantee that any menu items are totally vegetarian so they may or may not be cooked separately from the regular burgers.

Apple slices are a lower calorie option than fries or onion rings to go with your veggie burger.

The main reason that I come here is for there delicious Hershey chocolate pies for a nice dessert after enjoying some vegetarian fast food.


Many of my vegetarian friends aren't impressed by the lack of vegetarian options at Subway. I find this to be the case with many other deli style sandwich chains.

They have one vegetarian sandwich (the 'Veggie Delite') and that is about it. I like the veggie sub at Quiznos better because at least it comes with guacamole.

More expensive sandwich chains have better options, such as Panera Bread and Einstein's. Both of these locations even label which options are vegetarian.


I wish that they would offer a vegetarian chicken sandwich, but sadly they don't yet. However, they have amazing waffle fries, better fruit cups than most fast food restaurants.

They also have good milkshakes that are finally being offered in a smaller size. Carrot Raisin salad and cole slaw are other side times that are both tasty vegetarian fast food options.

The fruit parfaits with either granola or Oreo cookie toppings are also great meatless options at Chick-fil-a.


Believe it or not, this has more options than you think, although I have heard that they often flavor side items with meat drippings so it

may not be completely vegetarian.

Mashed potatoes here are great, just make sure you order them plain or they will come with gravy. The green beans, biscuits, and baked beans are also some healthier options here.

They also have an egg and cheese biscuit that they serve all day long, however, this item is greasy.

While finding decent vegetarian fast food is not always easy, it is convenient and sometimes necessary. Another note about fast food, if you are disappointed by the lack of vegetarian options on the menu say something.

Give the company a call or send them an email. They love getting customer feedback, so don't feel like you are bothering them. To avoid being in a situation where vegetarian fast food is necessary, check out some easy vegetarian sandwiches.

This is far from a complete list of all vegetarian fast food options.

These restaurants were selected based on which ones are most common in my area and my personal experiences with each of them.

Feel free to share your favorite meatless fast food options!

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