Vegetarian Soup Recipes

A filling, nutritious meal is never far away if you know a few easy vegetarian soup recipes. Have the flexibility to use fresh or convenience foods, depending on your preference, and still enjoy a great-tasting meal.

vegetarian soup recipes

Use as few or as many ingredients as you want.

For most of these recipes, all you need are vegetable broth, seasoning, a pot, a stove or crock pot, pasta or rice, beans, and vegetables.

Typically, I use frozen and canned varieties of vegetables and beans, just because they are easier to use. However, when I have more time I do like to use fresher ingredients.

Cook once, eat twice or more.

These vegetarian soup recipes are great to make in large batches that can be used for more than one meal. Although this is true for most recipes, soup is especially easy to make in large quantities.

For instance, you can make a pot of vegetarian chili to serve in bread bowls one night, then use the leftovers to go with a meatless taco salad another night or even eat the leftovers for lunch.

Enjoy having leftovers on hand.

You can even freeze leftovers and keep them for a few weeks or even longer. This is incredibly helpful for avoiding fast food or takeout after a busy day!

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