Vegetarian Pasta

Vegetarian pasta is an excellent staple for anyone who is pursuing a vegetarian lifestyle.

It is a healthy, inexpensive way for many vegetarians to enjoy wonderful meals!

Use this page to learn about the many advatnages of meatless pasta, tips for cooking pasta, and to find step-by-step instructions for how to make pasta.

vegetarian pasta

Cheap to Make

A bag of noodles and a jar of sauce are fairly cheap. Costs per unit go down if you make your own sauce.

Use frozen vegetables or fresh vegetables that are in season, in order to add additional vitamins and minerals to your meals, while staying with in your food budget.

Wide Variety of Recipes

vegetarian pasta recipes

There are many easy, healthy vegetarian pasta recipes to choose from. If you ever feel bored with a particular pasta recipe that you make a lot, change the type of sauce that you normally use or use a different type of noddle.

Fun to Cook with Others

vegetarian pasta recipes

Making pasta with friends and family is fun, less expensive alternative to going out for dinner.

It is also easy for non-vegetarians to add meat to their own dishes. People can also leave with leftovers, which is always a plus!

Leftovers Make Great Meals

Cover leftovers in pastic wrap or use tubber ware to keep it fresh for another meal.

Cooking a batch of pasta with the intention of using the leftovers for meals later on is a good way to save time on meal preparation!

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