Vegetarian BBQ Recipes

Bring these vegetarian BBQ recipes to cook outs with family and friends. Even non-vegetarians will likely enjoy these!

vegetarian bbq

Meatless food items at barbecues tend to be low calorie vegetarian recipes and can even be good if you are following a low carb vegetarian diet.

This is good news for anyone looking to watch their weight or even experience vegetarian weight loss.

Vegetable Kabobs


Assortment of vegetables chopped into bite-sized pieces (bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, etc.)

Skewers (either reusable metal ones or wooden ones readily available at most grocery stores)

1-2 tablespoons of butter or extra-virgin olive oil (for each kabob)

Dash of garlic

Salt and pepper

vegetarian bbq recipes


Slide vegetables onto skewers in a variety of patterns.

For example, slide on a mushroom followed by a piece of zucchini, then a few different colors of bell peppers.

Drizzle a little butter or extra-virgin olive oil on each kabob. Sprinkle on seasonings to taste.

Cook for about 10 minutes or until vegetables are hot, they will usually sizzle a little when they are done and are more tender.

Add more seasoning, if desired.

Grilled Vegetables with Cheese


2-3 yellow squash

3-4 bell peppers (variety of colors, if possible)

Slices of any type of cheese

Salt and pepper

vegetarian bbq recipes


Cut squash and bell pepper into half inch thick slices.

Place a slice of your favorite type of cheese on top. Pepper Jack cheese adds a slightly spicy kick of flavor to this recipe. Provolone and cheddar cheese also work well.

Place vegetables on grill either alone or with other items.

Cook for about 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted and the squash or pepper is tender. These do not need to be turned over.

When finished, season to taste. I like these with a slice of raw tomato and occasionally an extra layer of melted cheese, but they are great right off the grill.

Grilled Veggie Burgers and Hot Dogs

Vegetarian BBQ recipes are not limited to grilled vegetables. Enjoy a "meatier" option by selecting a few great meat substitutes to grill.

vegetarian bbq recipes

Cook all meat substitutes according to the directions on the package.

Most will be for the oven or microwave, but some may have grilling instructions. If not, heat them on the grill until they are warm and slightly brown.

Top veggie burgers, chicken, and hot dogs with condiments and/or vegetables.

Biscuit and Tomato Sandwich Platter

A platter of assorted vegetable sandwiches is a great addition to a collection of vegetarian bbq recipes ! Especially, if you would rather not use meat substitutes.


1-2 dozen biscuits (depending on number of guests)

3-4 large tomatoes (again based on size of barbecue)

Butter or Non-dairy substitute for butter

Fresh basil leaves, chopped (dried basil is fine)

vegetarian bbq


Bake a dozen biscuits or so. This number depends entirely on how many guests will be attending. Use biscuits from a tin or a homemade recipe. Whatever time allows for is fine.

Wash and slice tomatoes while biscuits are cooking. Bake until they are golden-brown. Allow biscuits to cool for about 5 minutes or so.

Cut each biscuit in half. Spread a little butter (or non-dairy substitute) on each side.

Add one or two tomato slices to each biscuit. Sprinkle a dash of fresh basil on top of each slice.

Vegetarian Dessert

This is usually the easiest vegetarian BBQ recipes to prepare because most desserts don't contain meat.

The only thing to watch out for is gelatin, which is easy to identify as dishes that have jello and/or marshmellow ingredients typically contain it.

The best way of to be sure is to bring a dessert to share! Try this vegetarian dessert recipe below:

vegetarian dessert

Chocolatey Banana Bites

These bite-sized desserts are quite popular. I was first introduced to this recipe as an appetizer, but it can just as easily be served as a desert.


1 package of graham crackers or any kind of cookie

Chocolate spread (such as, Nutella) or frosting

Several bananas


Lay out the crackers or cookies on a large plate. Spread each cracker with desired amount of chocolate spread.Everyone will prefer a different amount. This is why I don't suggest an amount to use.

Peel and slice bananas into thin, bite-sized pieces. Place a fresh banana slice on top of each chocolate covered cracker or cookie.

Add some peanut butter for a tasty variation to this recipe. Or use strawberry slices instead of or in addition to bananas.

Make this a healthy vegetarian appetizer by using bananas and peanut butter instead of chocolate.

Have fun with your friends and family!

Cook outs with friends and family are a wonderful way to spend time together while enjoying delicious vegetarian BBQ recipes.

vegetarian bbq

With just a little planning and research beforehand, you can attend or host cook outs while still following a vegetarian diet plan.

Whether you are hosting or attending, these vegetarian bbq recipes can help you have a great time while enjoying a delicious vegetarian meal.

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