Vegan vs Vegetarian

While the difference between vegan vs vegetarian was briefly mentioned my article about different types of vegetarians diet.

Read on to learn about vegan vs vegetarian diets in more detail. It can be confusing distinguish between the many varieties of vegetarian diet plans that people follow.

What exactly is the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan? To start off, let's take a look at what it means to be a vegetarian and what it means to be a vegan.

What is a vegetarian?

Basically, vegetarians do not eat meat or animal by-products, like gelatin. Some are "pescatarian" (meaning that they eat fish) or "semi-vegetarian" (eat meat from time to time), like myself.

Vegetarians generally consume both dairy products and eggs. Some do not drink milk and eat eggs, while others will eat eggs and don't drink or eat anything that contains milk.

What is a vegan?

On the other hand, vegans do not consume any animal products whatsoever. This means no meat, dairy products,eggs, or gelatin.

Many vegans, as well as vegetarians, refrain from buying leather, fur, and anything that is tested on animals. Some are also avid about protecting our environment and promote sustainability.

Another way to think about the whole vegetarian vs vegan thing is with this simple saying: Anything that is vegan is vegetarian, but not everything that is vegetarian is vegan.

Vegan is a certain type of vegetarian that is more strict and more committed to supporting animal rights.

Vegan vs Vegetarian

In short, if a person does not eat meat, including fish, but regularly consumes eggs or dairy products, then they are a vegetarian.

This person may or may not use products that are tested on animals, like certain brands of soap, or that once were animals, like leather.

A person is vegan if he or she does not eat any meat, eggs, dairy products.

Also, vegans don't purchase products that were tested on animals, such as certain brands of soap or make up, or any products that once were animals, like wool or leather.

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