Types of Vegetarian

There are many types of vegetarian diets. This means that whenever you hear someone say “I am a vegetarian”, they may mean something different. Here are the vegetarian types that I have heard of and my personal understanding of each:


Also called “flexitarians” by some, semi-vegetarians eat vegetarian meals most of the time, but do eat meat occasionally. Some only chicken and fish, others eat whatever kind of meat is being served to them or that they are craving at the time. However, this is not a daily occurrence.

They usually do not call themselves vegetarians, though some might.However, they are still one of the types of vegetarian out there.

This is the type of vegetarian that I am. I typically eat only vegetarian foods, but do sometimes have chicken or fish. I knew a girl who used to be a vegetarian, except for beef tacos.

Now, some follow other types of vegetarian diets may say that this means she is not a “real” vegetarian, but hey it's better than nothing. Even just cutting meat consume in half is a huge help to animals, your health, and the environment.

Being a semi-vegetarian is one of the types of vegetarian that is a good start if you want to become a vegetarian. It is better to start small and gradual work towards a completely meat-free diet. I jumped into being a vegetarian very quickly and after a year or so gave up because I still craved meat.

It is better to tackle vegetarianism is manageable chunks, rather than diving in all at once and eventually giving up.


Basically, this person is a lacto ovo vegetarian most of the time. Meaning that they typically eat eggs and dairy, but occasionally eat fish. This is a good next step for semi-vegetarians who want to eventually become vegetarian.

When I was a vegetarian several years ago, I considered myself a pescatarian for the first several months.

It seemed like few people understood how it was possible to say that the only type of meat you will eat is fish. They might occasionally make comments like “but fish isn't a vegetable.”

Don't let the negativity of others get you down. Do what you can to help animals, the environment, your health or whatever it is that motivates you.

This is also a good response to people to criticize you for eating the occasional piece of fish while they eat meat at almost every meal. Being any type of vegetarian is great and very helpful.

Lacto Ovo Vegetarian

This type of vegetarian does not eat any meat or fish. They do eat eggs and dairy. Some vegetarians choose to eat eggs, but not dairy. Others are eat dairy, but not eggs. Sometimes these preferences are due to allergies.

Other times they are just a part of a gradual transition. It may be easier for some to quit eating eggs first, while some may find it is easier to eliminate dairy first.

It seems like lacto ovo vegetarians are the most common of the types of vegetarian.This is probably why lacto ovo is what people generally think of when you say you are a vegetarian.

Though, many people are confused by the differences between vegetarians and vegans. Feel free to explain it to anyone who asks, but don't try to convert anyone.

Just the act abstaining from meat and answering questions about vegetarianism is enough to make some people more aware.


Vegans are a type of vegetarian that do not consume any animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs.

Typically, they do not purchase products, such as make up or soap, that are tested on animals or made from animals, like leather or wool.

It's not that vegetarians don't care about how their products are made. I certainly avoid buying items that I know are tested on animals. However, vegans are known for this.

While I've never personally tried going vegan, I have several vegan friends. They told me that the benefits of this diet were similar to the benefits of following many types of vegetarian diets, but even better. My goal is to eventually adopt a vegan diet.


Raw foodists consume only uncooked foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. From my research on raw food diets, they seem to be adopted by people who were once vegan.

This type of vegetarian diet would be interesting to try at some point, but that will probably be quite awhile from now.

However, I do plan to experiment with raw food recipes on this site and share them with you.

The main thing I want you to get out of this is that there are many different types of vegetarian. If you are interested in going vegetarian, do what you can.

Remember that you don't have to be perfect to make a difference and raise the awareness of others!

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