How to Become a Vegetarian

If you're wondering how to become a vegetarian, know that there is no right way to approach to adopting this lifestyle.

Some people like to gradually ease their way in while others dive right in. It is all about what works for you!

how to become a vegetarian

How I Became Vegetarian

As a result of poor planning the first time I became vegetarian, I quit following a vegetarian diet and went back to my old ways after about a year.

Even though I was enjoying many of the benefits of being vegetarian, lack of research and vegetarian recipes did me in.

Another Try at a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Later on, I got interested in reading about how to become a vegetarian

again. Eating meat just did not fit with my values. Wanting to live a more healthful and compassionate lifestyle, I did some research and found excellent vegetarian recipes, as well as helpful advice.

Then, I joined the Vegetarian Resource Group and the North American Vegetarian Society, which gave me the motivation I needed.

In short, I was back to being a vegetarian and I'm still loving my vegetarian lifestyle!

My Vegetarian Diet Now

Currently, I follow a 100% lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. This means that I do not consume red meat (beef, lamb, pork, etc.), poultry, or fish, but still consume egg and dairy products.

However, I do use vegan alternatives to dairy and eggsa when I can, such as soy milk and egg substitutes.

Ultimately, my goal is to follow a vegan diet where I do not consume any animal products.

For now, I'm just keeping up with my vegetarian diet and helping others learn how to become a vegetarian without making some of the major mistakes I made the first time around.

Advice for New Vegetarians

My advice for those interested in becoming a vegetarian is to learn as much as you can about how you can have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Identify plenty of vegetarian recipes. Try to have a good idea of what your new diet will look like. Stock up on the necessary foods and supplies that you will need.

Most importantly, remember that this is your life and your decision. Do whatever feels right for you!

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