How to Become a Vegetarian

When deciding how to become a vegetarian, keep in mind that there are countless ways to do so. No way is right or wrong. There is only what works for you and what does not.

Some people dive right in while others feel the need to learn more then gradually make the transition over a few months or even years.

Others who try to go vegetarian realize that a vegetarian diet is simply not for them, so they just reduce the amount of meat and other animal products that they consume.

Use whichever method works for you and meets the needs of your lifestyle. The following are just a few approaches that may help you reach your goals:

Set-a-Date Approach

As you learn more about how to become a vegetarian, look at your calendar. Based on what you have learned about following a vegetarian diet so far, when do you think that you will be able to start implementing it?

Make sure that you understand the types of foods that you will need to eat order to stay healthy. You may even want to set up an appointment with a nutritionist or your doctor before you start.

Don't feel like you have to spend a long time planning everything, just take as long as you need to prepare. With this in mind, mark that down on your calendar and commit to it.

If you try it this way and slip up, don't be discouraged. Do more research and give it another try. Consider using a new method for becoming a vegetarian.

Gradual Approach

Instead of diving right in, you slowly begin cutting out meat from your diet. Some people decide to stop eating red meats first then chicken and eventually fish.

Others focus on how many times a week they eat meat, regardless of what kind it is, and gradually eat meat less frequently until they are used to having so little meat that when they finally do become vegetarian completely it is not a huge adjustment.

This is the approach that I used when I became a vegetarian again, after abandoning it the first time, despite a year of success.

There are a number of benefits to gradually becoming vegetarian. You have plenty of time to learn about nutrition, find vegetarian recipes, and gain support from other, just to name a few.

Short-Term Trial Approach

This is similar to the Set-a-Date Approach, except you go into this with the mindset that you may or may not stick with a vegetarian diet.

Just look at your calendar and select a day when you will start following a vegetarian diet for a specified amount of time, such as a week or for 30 days.

By giving vegetarianism a try for a short period of time, you can get a good idea of what being a vegetarian is like. If it seems difficult, remember that it takes time to get used to a new way of eating.

Whichever approach you choose, just make sure that you have realistic expectations for yourself. When determining how to become a vegetarian, remember why vegetarianism is something that you want to try in the first place. Remember, learning how to become a vegetarian can be fun and challenging at the same time!

Take your time to learn about vegetarianism and how to stay healthy. Do whatever feels right for you.

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