How to Make Pasta

Every vegetarian should know how to make pasta. It is an incredible simple, nutrient-rich meal with endless ways to make tried and true easy pasta recipes more interesting.

easy pasta recipes

The way pasta dishes are typically prepared is quite similar across the board. Even when recipes seem completely different, they often have a great deal in common when it comes to preparation.

Generally, making pasta does not require a lot of kitchen equipment, ingredients money, time, or energy. In fact, there are five steps that I always use to consistently make wonderful, easy pasta recipes.

How to Cook Pasta: 5 Simple Steps to a Fantastic Meal

how to cook pasta

1. Pour water into a medium to large pot. Set on the stove at a high setting and bring the water to a boil.

Tip: Cover the pot with a lid to help the water boil faster. Optional: Add a little oil to the water. I find that this is unnecessary, but also know people who swear by it.

2. Add desired amount of pasta or noodles, once the water begins to boil. Don’t worry if the water stops boiling when you first add the pasta.

Tip: If you plan to add vegetables, tofu or other ingredients to your pasta recipe, now is a good time to start preparing them. If they finish before the pasta is done, just keep them warm.

3. Stir occasionally. After about 10 minutes, test the pasta to see if it’s ready or needs more time.

4. Drain, carefully, over the sink. It’s a good idea to let finished pasta to cool off for awhile before draining it.

Tip: Run cool water to prevent damages to the sink, as the water will be quite hot.Just make sure that you don’t run the water over the pasta! Rinsing cooked noodles washes away nutrients that you need.

5. Stir in sauce and add toppings. Add seasonings and herbs, as desired.

For more tips on how to make pasta, check out these general tips about cooking pasta.

easy pasta recipes

The steps above are the simplest way I know how to make pasta.

While some vegetarian pasta recipes may be more complicated, these general guidelines are the basics to making a delicious meal.

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