Basic Egg Recipes

Knowing a few good egg recipes can help add variety and a good vegetarian source of protein to your diet.

Eggs are even better when they are served in sandwiches and with other things.

Here are some basic recipes that will help you make many enjoyable vegetarian meals, especially a tasty vegetarian breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs

2 eggs
1 tablespoon of skim milk
cooking spray or butter
Salt and pepper (as desired)

Spray a pan with cooking spray or coat with butter and set it on the stove at medium heat. Crack eggs into a small bowl. Break the yolks and mix them together.Carefully, add the milk and stir.

Pour mixture onto pan and stir around until there is no more liquid.

Make sure that no eggs are over cooking and turning brown, as some sections will cook more quickly than others. Transfer eggs to a plate when finished.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Top them with ketchup or hot sauce if you like. Enjoy your scrambled eggs while they are hot!

Fried Eggs

4 eggs
cooking spray or butter

This simple egg recipe is easy and only take about 10 minutes or so to prepare.

Spray or coat pan with cooking oil or butter. Crack an egg over a small to medium-sized pan on medium heat.

Break egg yolk with fork so that it will cook all the way through, which is the safest way to eat a fried egg.
Flip fried egg over to cook on both sides. Take off of the pan when both sides of the egg are firm.

Repeat with the other eggs. Fried eggs go nicely with toast.

Cheddar Omelet

2 eggs
cooking spray or butter
1/4 cup cheddar cheese

Spread cooking spray or butter on medium to small pan turned on low to medium heat.

Crack eggs into a small bow or cup and mix the egg yolks together. Pour into pan and let the eggs set.

Sprinkle cheese into the omelet and fold in half. Flip omelet over to finish cooking.

Cheese should be melted and eggs should be completely cooked.

These are many more recipes out there .Basic knowledge of these simple recipes will help you make more complicated vegetarian meals in the future with more variety.

For the most part, egg recipes are a healthful, easy vegetarian breakfast.

Not only are eggs inexpensive and easy to make quickly, they are also one of many great vegetarian protein sources.

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