Easy Dessert Recipes

These easy dessert recipes are made without any kind of meat, do not contain gelatin and can usually easily be made into vegan desserts with little additional effort.

tray of cupcakes

Read labels to check for gelatin and other animal by products.

Most deserts are made without any obvious addition of meat, however, some contain gelatin, such as anything made with regular marshmallows. However, vegan/vegetarian marshmallows are available in some stores.

To get started, check out these easy dessert recipes. Many more can be found throughout this section.

Choose environmentally-friendly products.

Ideally, ingredients used in vegetarian and vegan desserts should use products by companies who respect the environment and do not support cruel treatment of animals. Also, I like to buy from companies that treat their workers well.

This may not always be a possibility, but I do my best to incorporate products from companies that make an effort.

Some products are "accidentally" vegan.

PETA actually has a list of surprising vegan foods that can be found in almost any grocery store available on their website or by searching for it on Google.

Enjoy these easy dessert recipes!

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