5 Easy Banana Recipes

Try one of these easy banana recipes for a tasty vegetarian snack. Fruit is on of the best vegetarian snacks around, but eating it by itself all the time can get a bit boring after awhile. Banana recipes are great for quick and simple vegetarian snacks or breakfast. Bananas are also a low calorie addition to any vegetarian dessert!

Banana Bites

All you need is a stack of Ritz crackers or any other kind or cracker, peanut butter, Nutella or another chocolate spread, and several bananas that will need to be sliced.

Spread each crack halfway with peanut butter and the other half with Nutella or chocolate spread.

Place a banana slice on top of each one. This is one of my favorite banana recipes.

Fruit Kabob

Slice a banana and a handful of strawberries into bite-sized pieces. Alternately slide bananas, strawberries, and any other desired fruit onto a wooden skewer.

Roll kabob in low fat yogurt, then roll in a topping, such as coconut shreds or low-fat granola.

Banana Pancakes

Make pancakes as you normally would. Use this pancake recipe if you like After you add the batter to the pan and the pancakes begin to set, add banana slices, as desired. Then, turn over the pancakes and cook until golden brown on each side.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Slice a banana and place into a blender along with a 1/2 cup of low-fat yogurt or a non-dairy yogurt substitute, 1 cup of ice, and 1/2 cup of milk or water.

Blend until smooth. Add more milk or water and blend if the smoothie is to thick. Add more yogurt and blend if smoothie is not thick enough.

Frozen Banana Pops

Cover several banana in chocolate sauces and lay on a plate.

For the chocolate, you can use either chocolate sauce from a bottle or even melt your own chocolate in a pan.

Roll banana in chopped nuts, if desired. Cover with foil or plastic and freeze.

Banana recipes can be for delicious and nutritious vegetarian snacks, even breakfasts and desserts. Fruit is an excellent vegetarian snack that you can do a lot with.

All you need is a little creativity. I hope this list has given you some new ideas for quick and simple vegetarian snacks.

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